Serverless Ops: What to do when the server goes away

With the rise of serverless architecture, many of the common day-to-day operations tasks will change dramatically, if not disappear completely. We as Operations professionals will be challenged to redefine our roles and responsibilities within the technology organization as serverless abstracts away the server and its respective OS to cloud service providers. No stranger to this scenario, we will not only be tasked with solving these engineering obstacles introduced by the new serverless paradigm, but we will also need to prove our value to the business in the face of a changing technology landscape… again.

The time is now to start defining what Operations will look like in a serverless world. As a community that has reinvented ourselves time and again, we have another chance to shape the vision of new digital world.

In this talk, I will walk through the current state of serverless architecture, and discuss the many possibilities of how serverless may evolve so that we as an Operations community can not only begin preparing for the change, but lead this revolution again.

A few areas I’ll discuss include:

  • Team structures and how to redefine your purpose
  • How to demonstrate your value to the business
  • Serverless architectural decision making
  • Performance management and cost containment
  • Failure monitoring and service handling

If you’re an Operations engineer and you had all your host and OS related work removed from you, would you know what to do to stay busy and demonstrate your value to your organization?



Tom McLaughlin

As the Community Engineer at CloudZero, Tom uses his experience in cloud infrastructure and systems development to develop and run serverless systems, and engage the engineering community on this ...