The DevOps Abides

This year two of our Enterprise DevOps journey. The big question we came back to was “how do we scale this”? This led to a bit of a history lesson on how we got here. As a bank that has roots that go back over 190 years and has been thru many acquisitions, we have compiled a lot of complexity. This drove us to distributed organizational model to support the systems and not the business or customers. In a sense, Conway’s Law told us we made it extremely complex by building point to point solutions vs. solutions to enable our business and customers. So now that we had a lot of executive support, we worked very closely with our CTO on defining a new organizational structure that aligned us to a better deliver model. Rather than have technology specific organizations only focused on protecting their world, we needed to break that down. This started with value stream mapping our process for how work actually gets done.



Chris McFee

Chris McFee is responsible for KeyBank’s DevOps Engineering group where he focuses on delivering software solutions at velocity by using continuous integration and the use of modern ...