DevOps vs Agile Testing: What is new? What is challenging? Experiences from Norwegian Software Companies

DevOps calls for higher level of coordination within the various stakeholders in the software development process (namely Development, QA ABSTRACT Operations). Testing is one of the activities that may be overseen. We have the looked at the DevOps principles and practices and we will share our experiences and findings on the challenges we face and the approaches that may help on the achievement of a DevOps testing. Comparing specially on what else is in it that even when we have an Agile Testing approach we didn’t have it covered, or we need to emphasize to get a better and improved DevOps Testing.



Daniela Soares Cruzes

Dr. Daniela S. Cruzes is a senior research scientist at SINTEF. Previously, she was adjunct associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She worked as a researcher ...