The end of sleepless nights on-call – How machine learning is set to transform IT Operations

The human impact of on-call operations work should not be underestimated. As slaves to the pager we have lived through years of relentless stress, disturbed sleep and disrupted lives. That needs to end.

As our businesses become more reliant on technology, the platforms we support become more complex. We simply cannot anticipate every problem that might occur and we shouldn’t try to. In this talk we’ll explore the real use cases for machine learning in infrastructure operations and SRE.

We already have the technology we need to put an end to sleepless nights on-call. This talk will show you how!



Hannah Foxwell

Hannah is Product Manager at Server Density, HumanOps champion, HugOps evangelist and recovering DevOps consultant. Hannah believes that the health of your infrastructure is not just about hardware, ...