What is a technical team lead?

We live in a world of agile and autonomous teams and devops culture, where meritocracy and consensus rule the scene. What are the aspects of the technical team lead role, or however you name it?

  • The person is not the one calling the shots
  • The person in this role does not assign work
  • So - what is that role really for?

In this talk I will show what a technical team lead role is and why it is important. I will set the guidelines and generic objectives for that role. Whether you are a team lead or a team member this talk will tell you how you can lead. This is not a teoretical presentation but rather well tested and tried at Criteo where i wor as a team lead.



Ramez Hanna

Ramez is leading the team allowing Criteo to observe its systems through the (big)graphite and logging services.