Release Notes Automation

As a team practicing DevOps for Xfinity Mobile, we are always looking for opportunities to increase the velocity in which we move software through the deployment pipeline. This becomes increasingly important as we begin to discover production issues which are impacting our customers and require immediate attention.

A common side-effect of increasing speed is a reduction in quality. We MUST avoid this as much as possible. Through automating processes which are good candidates for automation, we can actually increase both speed and quality at the same time.

We identified Software Release Notes as a highly repeatable process that was a good candidate for automation. Since we automated the process, not only did we save hundreds of hours worth of manual work, but we also have increased the accuracy of our releases.



Michael Winslow

Michael Winslow picked up his love for programming when he was 10 years old writing GW-Basic code on his Tandy-1000. With his passion for designing simple solutions to complex problems, Michael has ...