Bare Metal Kubernetes -- More Containers, Less Overhead

Kubernetes is the software development paradigm shift of our decade. Conceptually, it will become as important as Windows was in the 1980s, Java in the 1990s, and Linux in the 2000s. Now, Kubernetes is transforming how we deliver scale out, cloud native workloads, with an acute emphasis on portability across public clouds and private infrastructure. Kubernetes in the public cloud – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others – is well understood by most cloud native developers. But to complete the circuit, Kubernetes on premises, behind the firewall, and directly on corporate owned hardware, must be a tractable solution. In this session, Dustin Kirkland, Canonical’s head of product management, will lead an interactive demo, deploying the latest upstream release of Kubernetes onto a portable Orange Box cluster of 11 physical machines on stage, using 100% free and open source software.


Dustin Kirkland


Dustin Kirkland leads the Product Management Team at Canonical for Ubuntu, from servers in the cloud to connected devices and Internet things.

When he’s not hacking on open source software in