Windows Configuration Management with Puppet

Do you ever find that GPO’s are not enough to get things setup the way you would like? Tried DSC but found that it too doesn’t quite do what you need? Tired of using scripts to fill this gap? Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz over the last several years around configuration management on Linux and wished some of that goodness was available for Windows? Well, it turns out that you’re in luck! These scenarios are just the kind of thing Puppet can help you with.

Here are some of the topics we will touch on in this talk:

  • Combining Desired State Config (DSC) with Puppet for maximum flexibility
  • Chocolaty, or as I describe it to people, apt-get / yum for Windows
  • WSUS + strict change windows + Puppet = hands-off patching
  • PowerShell everywhere… not just on Windows
  • Log shipping and monitoring agent setup
  • Creating custom facts via WMI
  • Configuring Hyper-V
  • SCCM integration
  • IIS

As a bonus, I’ll also talk about how you can take advantage of some open source work to build Windows VM templates.



Gene Liverman

I’m a Site Reliability Engineer at Puppet focused on virtualization and our physical infrastructure. Prior to joining Puppet I worked in higher education and with K-12 schools doing everything ...