Archetype of an SRE Superhero; A DevOps Journey 🐼

Concur has recently gone through this digital transformation of the business from a monolith application with 2 major releases per year to each 700+ developers who are committed to owning their own code in Production and owning performance from an end-to-end; giving product teams the ownership from design through production release and operations. No we have a team of 6 SREs to influence the greater orgs practices to more than 1000 developers.

As an aspiring SRE Superhero we subscribe to the idea that we are here to engineer our way out of this technical debt, AWS availability zone crisis, or even during natural disasters we stand ready as the superheroes of today’s modern infrastructure. We are here to put the right talent, practices, strategies, change control and ultimately global teamwork together to run todays high availability production operations business environment.

Group attendees would walk away with knowing: * How to build an SRE Superhero; that scales with new technologies * Specific characteristics we think an SRE Team needs to possess to be successful in todays ever changing orgs * How to recruit in this new paradigm of SRE/DEVOPS (what are the common backgrounds and career paths) * How to #LevelUp during conferences, Meetups and Always Be Learning



Jason Grimes


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