Our Immutable Future

What’s next, now that we’ve made applications immutable?

One big gain from containers is not the containers themselves, but that they make us build applications the way we always should have: immutably. Only with immutable infrastructure can we really scale the number of machines per operator, and new container stacks are helping get us there. But other portions of the stack need to be immutable too, starting with the base OS.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the value and principles of immutable infrastructure. Then we’ll go over, with some examples, how the Atomic Host operating system helps us deliver on these principles at the OS layer. After that, we’ll talk about the other layers which need immutability engineering, and some of the projects which might deliver it in the future.


Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus is the Community Lead for Project Atomic, a Red Hat sponsored OSS project dedicated to remaking software infrastructure. Josh is the main organizer of Cloud Native Portland meetup, and a ...