Deploying Kubernetes Clusters with the Ciao Project

Ciao (Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator) is lightweight, an easy to deploy, secure, scalable cloud orchestration system which handles virtual machines, containers, and bare metal apps agnostically as generic workloads. ciao is written in go and optimized for private cloud deployment. ciao has recently added kubernetes support for users who wish to deploy kubernetes clusters either inside a private cloud, or within a single virtual machine for development. This talk will give a brief overview of the ciao architecture, and then cover the implementation details of the kubernetes cluster creation support. We will end with a demonstration on how to create a kubernetes cluster within a single vm with ciao.


Kristen Accardi

Kristen is a Linux OS engineer working for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Kristen has been a contributor to the Linux kernel for over 15 years in various different subsystems including Power ...