Adventures in Enterprise: Lessons Learned Promoting DevOps in a Legacy Organization

After many years doing DevOps-y things before learning the term “DevOps,” I moved to a larger, more traditional IT organization, with a goal of helping modernize their outdated technologies and practices. The next several years brought many challenges – technical, political, and interpersonal – some of which were more easily overcome, and some of which, well, not so much.

I’ll tell the story from where we started (spoiler alert: it’s about as much juicy legacy as anyone can handle) to where we ended up, what we got right, and where I went wrong. Whether you’re just starting out on your DevOps journey, or are well on your way, I hope I can impart some of what I’ve learned, for you to take back and help maximize the quality of your own teams’ relationships.



Steve Desmond

Steve has been developing software professionally for more than a decade, working in tech and non-tech organizations alike, of both varying sizes and various stacks. A big-time proponent of (and ...