Delivery Pipeline for Windows Machines

Have you ever wondered how to set-up a working continuous delivery pipeline for applications on Windows and open source tools only? Lets see how tools like Jenkins, Artifactory, PowerShell, Ansible, NSSS and Installer Generators could be used to do that.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline creation for Linux is boring because it is so simple. All tools and approaches are well-known. However, if you are in Windows-land and do not want to pay for licensing cost of enterprise tools, achieving pipeline automation for Windows might be tricky. This talk will give an explanation of a sample CD pipeline using Windows/Cloud/Ansible and other tools. All examples will be shown on Google Cloud-based Windows VMs.




Dmitry Buzdin


Event Organiser at Riga Dev Days

Dmitry is a coding architect and consultant specialising in large-scale Java, Web, DevOps, Test Automation and Agile development. He has over 12 years of experience