Automation and Security: Implementing Continuous Security Environments

In many organisations, development/operations teams are not in the same trenches with the security team. Talk is about how to build trust between different focus teams, how to put DevOps practices in-line with regulated and hardened environments.

This talk is about common sense and security automation. And how security should be a requirement in each production deployment.

There are differences, even in 2017, for Ops/Dev and Security regarding mindset on building, secure, resilient and yes agile systems. Security is not one fit's all solution, so there are different approaches to start-ups and well-regulated industries.

From OS hardening to vulnerability scanning in build pipelines, from OSS projects till million dollars solutions. From common sense till aluminium tin foil hats and all this can be automated and should be automated. The talk will guide thru the best practices of the industry, for implementing and maintaining automated security controls and measures for Enterprises and startups based on speakers good and bad experience, in different Financial services, FinTech companies and startups.




Janis Orlovs


IT Infrastructure manager/architect at TWINO

IT Operations professional, with experience multiple years experience in financial services and fintech companies. A Strong supporter of automation and