Kill DevOps

A fast-moving, outside-in talk that 'sells' the value of DevOps to business executives, finds the weakest link in the value stream and explores the often troubled relationship between IT people and normal people (the business).

There is much hype around DevOps, so what are we actually talking about? DevOps improved Agile by speeding up deployment (and more). But how do you 'sell' DevOps to business executives who don't understand IT?

No business value is realized until the users actually use the systems well. This is often the weakest link in the IT value chain, so you need to extend your scope.

Collaboration is difficult and collaboration between business and IT even more so. What kind of behaviour is effective? Learn from workshop results from practitioners in 11 countries.

But why "Kill DevOps"? This refers to an ancient Zen saying about a monk’s journey towards enlightenment and awakening. If you think that you’ve found Buddha, think again, because you never will. It’s the same with DevOps: it’s about continuous experimentation and learning.


In this lively session, you’ll learn to:
  • Define DevOps as the set of cultural norms, technical practices and architecture
  • Explain the value of DevOps to business executives
  • Examine your value chain and discover whether your weakest link is in IT or the business
  • Explore the often-troubled relationship between business people and IT people
  • Adopt the right attitude to continuous learning and experimentation
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Mark Smalley


The IT Paradigmologist, ASL BiSL Foundation

Mark Smalley is The IT Paradigmologist and Ambassador at the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation and an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT, he writes and