Ansible Infrastructure Orchestrator

This workshop explains and works out examples of using Ansible as an configuration management and orchestration tool to use on your infrastructure. It starts from the beginning and explains the usage in more details with some web based examples in details.

This workshop consists of 2 major parts:

Firstly the workshop gives an introduction to Ansible, depending on the audience, this can be a quick introduction, or a more in-depth introduction, describing all the core concepts of Ansible, from inventory, tasks, playbooks to roles, including templates and variables and how to start a simple setup.

Secondly the workshop continues with a detailed example on how to use Ansible using roles and inventory and using a few examples show how configuration management en orchestration can be used. The example will show how dynamic scaling of infrastructure can be obtained, by creating a new virtual machine with a web server application into a load balanced environment.

Participants should have or a Linux based computer with libvirt and KVM for local installation. For other participants a local hosted environment will be available for usage.



Toshaan Bharvani


CTO at VanTosh

Toshaan Bharvani is an IT consultant, currently self-employed at VanTosh, with an interest in Open Source Software and IT Hardware. He started his IT interest at the age of 5 when his