Mikhail Iljin

Data Scientist / Big Data Developer at Mooncascade

The field of big data and data science Mike's huge passion and he have seen it develop in Estonia from "What are you, some scam artists?" to wide recognition among serious companies. During his everyday work with a variety of customers, he has seen, unfortunately, a lot of failures, but also eventual successes - and would love to share his experience with you.

He has 8 years of experience in software engineering (Java, Python, Oracle, Hadoop etc). Been involved in projects for the famous e-Government of Estonia, also been building the brand new e-ID/digital signature system that now serves every Estonian resident. Later, during the last 3 years he has been dealing with big data, data science, machine learning - mostly from the engineering perspective, but from the business development side too, as this area is still young and immature. Also, for a year been doing his own machine learning-related startup.

Mikhail Iljin at Riga 2017