devopsdays Riga - Sponsors

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring, please drop us an email at [ ].

We can't thank our sponsors enough for their support of our community. Please visit them! is a worldwide series of technical conferences and it was held in Amsterdam for the first time in 2009. Following the worldwide success of format of DevOpsDays we are proud to invite you to DevOpsDays 2017 in RIGA!

DevOpsDays is a self-organizing conference and brings together leaders in Software Development and IT Operations to collaborate and learn from each other.

It is both a technical conference and a conference focusing on culture, processes and structure within organizations. We encourage both technologists and business people to attend, learn and share experiences.

By sponsoring DevOpsDays you´ll get the opportunity to network and build relationships with highly motivated developers, sysadmins, IT executives and managers within the Latvian and other Baltic states DevOps communities. We aim to have up to 250 attendees.

Our sponsorship packages are constructed to offer our sponsors lead generation, networking, branding, and talent recruitment.

max 8max 5
Pricing€ 950€ 2,400€ 3,900
Included tickets (marketing passes or conference tickets)125
Logo on event websitesmallmediumlarge
Promotion on event’s social networksxxx
Swag bag insertxxx
Possibility to provide prize to most active person in social
networks of the conference
Logo on all email communicationmediumlarge
Logo on the presentation slides of the opening/closing eventxlarge
Logo on published slides and videosxlarge
Sponsor’s roll-up in the lobby11
Running a competition or lotteryxx
Access to Dinner with speakers (if it happens)25
Promo message in pre and post event emailsx
Roll-up next to the speakersx
Logo on its own slide or promo video, rotating during breaksx
Logo on the badgex
Booth location selection priorityx
1 minute pitch to full audiencex
Logo on shared slide, rotating during breakssmallmedium

All prices are in EUR and excl. VAT

If you have bought one of the sponsor packages we can also offer some add-ons to help you further promote your company or cause:

Student sponsor for at least 10 tickets€ 1,12510 Branded discounted tickets for Students
Lanyards sponsor*€ 900Logo on lanyards
Beer sponsor*€ 3,600Logo on beer bottles
Dinners with speakers*€ 4,900One-minute welcome pitch, roll-ups at dinners
Party sponsor*€ 4,900One-minute pitch at party, roll-ups at party, mentioning in conference opening and closing
Venue sponsor*€ 6,900Additional roll-ups at conference venue, mentioning in conference opening and closing
Lunch and break sponsor*€ 6,900Additional roll-ups at lunch and break area, mentioning in conference opening and closing

* - exclusive

All prices are in EUR and excl. VAT