Development Automation at T-Mobile

T-Mobile is on a journey to becoming a world-class digital company. The entire company is looking at how they work and finding ways to make what they do radically simple and delivering a fantastic mobile first customer experience.

The Enterprise Information Technology team is going through a Digital Transformation focusing on six core areas; Digital Architecture, Iterative Design, Agile Coaching and Training, Enterprise Delivery Pipeline, Continuous Testing, and Delivery Management.

Over the last year, the Development Automation team has focused on providing an automated, simplified, predictable and compliant path to production for all development team.

We would like to present the changes to our delivery pipeline to support our development teams. Specifically, how we automated and standardized processes, while increasing quality with the mantra of faster, better, cheaper.



Jason Vernon


I am a Manager of Software Development at T-Mobile responsible for our continuous integration and deployment efforts. Previous I have worked at REI and West Marine supporting their eCommerce


Radhika Gummadi

I am a software development manager at T-Mobile and have been with the company for almost 10 years. I spent my first 5 years as a dev IC and as years progressed moved on to lead and management roles.