From Waterfall to River – A story of transitioning to flow

The on-going journey of a transition from quarterly batched releases and teams working in silos to our target state of a mature DevOps organization from two points of view. Suzanne is our long term employee and Application Development Manager. Sarah is a new employee to Starbucks working daily with the teams as a scrum master and transformation coach on this DevOps journey.

We have a team with a deep need for increased agility, closer connection to their customer and move away from tribal knowledge to building it up instead. This team is one who prior to a year ago had no experience with Agile or DevOps and many of our team members have a 10+ year tenure within our group.

We will share the experience of starting with Scrum and the transition to flow we are currently in the throes of. Our methods and learning along the way to understand our value stream, remove waste, educate our team by living the Starbucks mission and executing these through a lenses of humanity.



Sarah Shewell


Sarah Shewell is a leader with over 18 years of experience in software delivery. She made a recent career change to Change Manager and Agile Coach at Starbucks. This allows her to have deep focus on


Suzanne Nielsen


Suzanne is a technology solutions manager in Retail Technology at Starbucks in a role where she leads multiple Agile DevOps style teams responsible for enhancing and supporting the Point of Sale (POS)