Extreme Automation: Testing the Limits of DevOps Automation

Enterprises are a showing a lot more love for DevOps, but this love for DevOps comes with very high expectations and very little tolerance for inefficiencies and defects in the final output. Time-to-market can now be measured in hours or days and that means software teams need to ensure very rapid delivery without compromising on cost, quality, and schedule.

Extreme Automation is the only solution to overcome this seemingly impossible challenge. There are still many repetitive tasks and processes along the DevOps pipeline, and processes that require constant improvements and updates - continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous delivery, continuous testing and so on.

The presentation will also focus on real life applications of Automation/Extreme Automation across a wide range of businesses from different industries/sectors that have benefited from Extreme Automation e.g. Banking (DBS), Telecommunication (Telstra), Technology (Yahoo JPN), and Public Utility (Singapore Power). These are all projects that I have personally worked on as Pivotal’s clients in Asia, and I believe the perspectives will be relevant to this region’s DevOps community.

The presentation will begin by covering some fundamentals and move into discussing more about extreme automation:

• When in the DevOps pipeline can automation begin? • Which processes can benefit the most from automation? - Testing is a key process that can benefit greatly from automation - Infrastructure management has a lot to benefit from automation as well • What to consider when prioritizing DevOps automation? - Objective of the DevOps project - Common gridlocks in DevOps pipeline (and how automation can solve them) - How to leverage containers, CI, and automated network configuration to achieve dramatic productivity benefits - Managing your team’s workload, capacity, and costs involved • Once the basics of extreme automation are covered, we move to the application of extreme automation? - Illustrating extreme automation using case studies e.g. automating compliance needs for banking/finance customers - Extreme automation for infrastructure management - Extreme automation for analytics

Why would this talk be a good fit for the DevOpsDays audience?

It gives practical examples of extreme automation that people can leverage in their own company.

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David Varvel

I’ve previously run DevOps for a high-volume group coupon company (Piku) and Indiegogo. More recently, I’ve been a major contributor to Cloud Foundry, including work on the Diego ...