Infrastructure Agnostic Application Automation

Application and operations teams are at a crossroads of bring applications into “traditional” infrastructure and containerized applications. Much of the effort of configuration management is dealing with the shortcomings of packages and the underlying operating systems. With the rush to move everything to containers, operational concerns are often overlooked. Applications need to standardize their builds, their packaging, and how they are instrumented for observability.

The open source Habitat project ( wants to make it easier to build, manage and deploy applications into containers and traditional operating systems. Habitat is a system for building, packaging and making applications more manageable. Habitat answers the question ““what’s in the box?”” and complements container orchestrators like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm while providing a path for bringing new and legacy Linux and Windows applications into modern environments (not just containers!). This session will discuss the evolution of application management, provide an overview of Habitat and a demonstration of building and packaging multi-node applications.

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Managing applications in hybrid environments is an ongoing struggle.

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Matt Ray


Matt Ray is the Manager and Solutions Architect for APJ for Chef. He is active in several open source communities and has worked in a wide variety of industries. He has been a contributor to the open