Design Patterns for Efficient DevOps Processes

Are you tired of having DevOps initiatives blow up as if implemented by Wile E. Coyote? Stop prioritizing technology over process! Business problems will not be magically solved by simply selecting and purchasing new tooling. Effective processes are the foundation for real change and enterprise-wide adoption of DevOps culture. Specific processes vary by organization but the underlying patterns remain consistent. We will demonstrate the patterns that are used to build successful processes that will help you meet your business needs. This session will cover design patterns for the following processes: - Value stream mapping - Release engineering - Test automation - Change management The use of these design patterns will enable you to make more effective change in your organization. No one specific tool will solve your problems, instead be like Road Runner and use efficient design patterns to be the agent of change in your organization.



Rebecca Fitzhugh

Rebecca Fitzhugh works in Technical Marketing at Rubrik. She is VCDX #243, a published author, and blogger. Typically Rebecca can be found talking about re-architecting applications or in an airport. ...