When Your Open Source Project Stops Being Cool

There is no question that the going is tough when it comes to open source projects. Building the excitement, community and hype is an undertaking unto itself - let’s not talk about monetization. Often times, just as your project is starting to get off the ground and generate real business - newer and cooler disruptors enter the playing field - and it gets hard to keep the momentum going. This talk is going to give some real world insight on what’s involved in really building a sustainable open source project, even when the hype is dwindling and the dust settles. This will be based upon lessons learned from leading the OpenStack community in Israel, the Cloudify community as my day job.



Sharone Zitzman


Sharone is Director of Marketing for Cloudify.

In her spare time she helps drive other local communities, including the OpenStack Israel community, and the DevOps Israel community - and helps