Managing Fires: The Role of Leadership in Crisis

When all preventative measures fail, sometimes Really Big Problems occur. Your crisis team needs to respond and act accordingly to resolve issues efficiently. Any highly functional team will need a leader. It’s not optional, especially in crisis. Decisions need to be made quickly and someone needs to coordinate efforts rather than getting knee-deep in technical issues.

This talk will explore exactly that role. When should you choose a leader, and when everyone is busy putting out the big fire, what should the leader actually be doing? I’ll answer these questions and give you real ideas to bring back to your teams and improve your crisis response.

Graphic Recording Managing Fires: The Role of Leadership in Crisis



Aaron Aldrich

Aaron Aldrich is the Director of Support Services and DevOps Evangelist at Cage Data and a founding organizer of the DevOps CT meetup. Following a career that’s been user-facing and ...