From 6 Month Waterfall to 1h Code Deploys

In 2011 we delivered 2 major releases of our on premise enterprise software. Market, technology and customer requirements forced us to change that in order to remain competitive.

Now – in 2017 - we are deploying and providing feature releases every 2 weeks for both our on premise and SaaS-based offering. We deploy 170 SaaS production changes per day and have a DevOps pipeline that allows us to deploy a code change within 1h if necessary.

To increase quality, we built and provide a DevOps pipeline that currently executes 31000 Unit & Integration Tests per Hour as well as 60h UI Tests per Build. Our application teams are responsible end-to-end for their features and use production monitoring to validate their deployments which allows them to find 93% of bugs in production before it impacts our end users.

In this session I explain how this transformation worked from both “Top Down” as well as “Bottom Up” in our organization. A key component was the 4 people strong DevOps Team who developed and “sell” their DevOps Pipeline to the globally distributed application teams. I will give insights into how our pipeline enables application teams to design, code, test and run a new feature for our user base.

I will also talk about the “dark moments” as change is never without friction. Both internally as well as with our customers who also had to get used to more rapid changes.

Graphic Recording From 6 Month Waterfall to 1h Code Deploys



Andreas Grabner


Andreas Grabner has been a developer, tester, architect, and product evangelist for the past 18 years for CRM, eGovernment, testing and monitoring vendors. In his current role he helps companies