A year of containers: the agony and the ecstasy

Docker Docker Docker! is the driving call these days, but what’s it like to actually roll out containers in production with existing applications and infrastructure? How do you get buy-in from development teams? How does docker mix with existing legacy code and infrastructure? What’s the operational experience like for developers who are on-call?

In this talk I’ll discuss how PagerDuty migrated a number of existing applications to containerized infrastructure in production, simplifying build and deploy along the way. I will go over the issues we ran into (IPSec + Docker = sad), the tools we created to help, and the benefits we’re experiencing, as well as our current work using a container scheduling platform. I’ll also talk about selling docker in an environment where developers are on call for their applications that are now running in containers.

Attendees to this talk will leave with ideas on how to kick-start migration to containers in their organization, as well as the tools they will need to build or find along the way.

Graphic Recording A year of containers: the agony and the ecstasy



Mia Henderson

Mia Henderson is a Site Reliability Engineer at PagerDuty. She loves nights without pages and cycling around Toronto. Mia used to play roller derby, which is why she has the weird twitter handle ...