devopsdays Vancouver - program

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The Schedule

Day 1

Registration opens
Day 1 Opening Introduction
Talk 1 - Chris Van Tuin: "A Security State of Mind: Continuous Security with Kubernetes"
Talk 2 - Dmytro Dyachuk, Gordon Klok, Roman Lisagor: "Modern Infrastructure"
Message from Gold Sponsors: Deis, Pivitol, Salesforce, SauceLabs, Automic
Talk 3 - Nell Shamrell-Harrington: "Open Source Governance - The Hard Parts"
Talk 4 - Bill Weiss: "Moving to the Left: Lessons from the State of DevOps Report"
Open Space Introduction
Open Space Proposals
Lunch (voting during)
Ignite Opening
Ignite 1 - Adam Lefkowitz: "Don't listen to me, I'm a fraud."
Ignite 2 - Jan Ulrich: "Compliance with Continuous Delivery"
Ignite 3 - Holly Burton: "Getting a Promotion: The Checklist"
Ignite 4 - Xander Botha: "Kaos meets Containers"
Ignite 5 - Matthew Fisher: "Remote Friendly: Making it Happen"
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Open Space Slot 3
Day 1 Closing Comments
Party at Tavern Starts

Day 2

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Day 2 Opening Introduction
Talk 5 - Jef King: "Zombies at"
Talk 6 - Holly Burton: "Am I the Crazy One? Gaslighting and Gender in the Workplace."
Message from Gold Sponsors: Boeing Aeroinfo, Demonware, VictorOps, Trinimbus, Sumologic
Talk 7 - David Aldurien: "Machine Actionable Intelligence (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Watchdog)"
Talk 8 - Adam Arsenault: "Exploring Microservice Graphs in Real Time"
Open Space Introduction
Open Space Proposals
Lunch (voting during)
Ignite Opening
Ignite 6 - Victor Yang: "Event Driven Architecture "
Ignite 7 - Jason Yee: "Third-wave DevOps"
Ignite 8 - Michael Greenwell: "Big Game Hunting with ELK"
Ignite 9 - David Danzilio: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Contribute to Open Source"
Ignite 10 - Dmitry Vinnik: "Companies Which Need DevOps But Don't Know About It"
Talk 9 - Oriol Martinez Pou & Solmaz Abbaspoursani: "Best Buy Canada's Holiday Survival Kit: Performance Strategy and real-time APM"
Talk 10 - Jason Hand: "Beyond Mean Time to Repair"
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Open Space Slot 6
Day 2 Closing Comments