Industrial DevOps - Cross Organizational Automation in Production

Fast response to changing markets, flexible automation and cross organizational integration are the key features for the industrial landscape of the future.

I’ve first learned about DevOps about 2 years ago. With my background of industrial automation I felt somehow as a stranger while attending my first DevOps conference. After a while it dawned on me that DevOps can solve many problems in my working area.

This talk is about what I’ve learned from DevOps. I will describe common problems and pitfalls that arise from cross organizational scaling of automation and give a short overview of the requirements for a software to support agile management of production environments.



Maik Wojcieszak

Maik is writing code since he got his first computer in 1982. As co-founder and development lead of wobe-systems, Maik and his team are inventing strategies and software for industrial automation. To ...