Why Tooling (only) isn’t the answer

The increasing importance of our tooling, the rely on their ability to automate and potential damage when they don’t work properly should make us think about repositioning your tooling strategy. Nowadays tools are an essential part and getting more important every day for delivering high quality productivity, but why are we still handle them as non critical parts?

We can all agree that it’s seems such simple thing selecting your favourite tools, but that it’s actually a complex undertaking, by avoiding pitfalls and select your Swiss knife. Most companies are still struggling to find their best fitted tools for their organisation, processes and technology stack, caused by various legitimate reasons, but end up with no beneficial use or even not used at all. Think that we all recognize this situation?

During this presentation I will take you on the journey of defining and refining your end goal, effectively learn from the things that matter and define your Enterprise Tooling strategy. We will explore some typical pitfalls and practices that help you to identify their strengths and opportunities for your organisation to leverage from. After all we want to get productive as early as possible.



Arnold van Wijnbergen


Arnold van Wijnbergen is an independent advisor, coach and consultant from Devoteam. He specializes in Monitoring and Automation topics to improve quality and efficiency of operational control of