Give DevOps Teams Control Over Their UI Testing Using Cypress

DevOps teams need to have fast feedback on everything they do. Quick and reliable tests should be a part of these feedback loops. Also on your UI. UI testing has always been difficult, but with the right tools and processes teams can get back in control of these tests and deliver with high quality.

Receiving fast feedback is crucial for DevOps teams. In this workshop we are going to introduce a new tool that can be embedded in the Continuous Delivery processes of DevOps teams delivering web-apps.

When developing web-apps, UI testing is not what comes to mind first when thinking about fast feedback. With the rise of modern web-apps, where business logic often resides inside the front-end, this need for reliable tests is getting more and more important. You want to be able to automate your UI tests and monitor them so that the team has insight into the latest product status.

Traditional (UI) testing tools often lacked in the areas of stability, maintenance and speed. Slow tests, make for slow feedback. Since most web-frameworks are based on Selenium there is actually surprisingly little to choose from. is approaching UI tests in a new way. Based on familiar open source frameworks, sets out to fix those pesky, flaky, frustrating tests. With a fresh view on the test development lifecycle, an architecture that is not based on Selenium and recently open sourced.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to in a DIY-fashion. We believe there is no better way to learn something new, than by getting behind your laptop and experience a tool first hand. Guided by exercises, suitable for beginners and those with more experience in JavaScript, we will visit the most important and distinguishing features of

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of fast feedback and reliable tests in a DevOps environment
  • Where UI testing can fit in your test approach
  • How differs from Selenium and other UI testing alternatives
  • To setup a project
  • To write your first test in a few minutes
  • Integrate in your CI
  • Use the Cypress Dashboard for fast feedback on the status of your application



Erik Zeedijk

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