Monitoring the Dynamic Nature of Cloud Computing

Monitoring applications running in a typical data center is a pretty static process. Monitoring in the cloud is a very different endeavor. Why? The dynamic nature of cloud computing makes keeping track of resources being monitored a non-trivial activity. Additionally, examining the dynamic changes of the cloud environment itself is a valuable tool for detecting and diagnosing problems, yet often is difficult to actually accomplish in a useful and compelling way.

In this session, we will discuss some of the best practices learned both internally at New Relic, and from observing and working with customers, on how you can monitor applications running in this dynamic environment and take advantage of the dynamic nature of the cloud to give you additional insights into your application performance.



Lee Atchison


Lee Atchison is the Senior Director Strategic Architecture at New Relic. He’s been with New Relic for over six years where he led the building of the New Relic infrastructure products, and helped New