DevOps in a Cloud Native World

You just got “done” with the transformation of your organization (or parts of it) to leverage more DevOps practices, and now the next hot thing is taking over the industry: containers, Cloud Native, SRE, GitOps, Kubernetes, etc. What’s a DevOps Manager to do? Throw away the last few years and rebrand the team as Cloud Native SREs?

Technological advancement not only provides advancement in “what” a modern technology architecture looks like, it can also provide advancement in the processes and the day to day of an organization’s technology teams. We’ve seen this before in the move from mainframe to client-server, and client-server to Cloud.

In this presentation I’ll talk about the relationship of DevOps to Cloud Native technologies, and help make sense of all the jargon - containers, microservices, orchestration (and Kubernetes), SRE, GitOps, etc. I’ll also talk about how some processes & practices in the world of DevOps change when leveraging these technologies. Attendees will leave with a base understanding of what a DevOps operating model looks like when leveraging modern Cloud Native technologies.



Michael Ducy

Michael Ducy currently works as Director of Community & Evangelism for Sysdig where he is responsible for growing adoption of Sysdig’s open source solutions. Previously, Michael worked at Chef ...