Go for Ops

This workshop will teach operations folks (typically in a System Admin/System Engineer/Site Reliability Engineer role) to add Go to their daily toolbox. We start from scratch (no previous knowledge of Go is required) and walk our way up to solve tasks such as infrastructure provisioning, container orchestration, as well as monitoring/logging/tracing. All the code samples used in the workshop will be made available via a GitHub repo. The structure is as follows:

1) Go’s roots and philosophy 2) The Go tool chain (building, testing, dependency management) 3) Language features by example 4) Writing idiomatic Go 5) Go in and with containers (using Kubernetes) 6) Tasks by example



Michael Hausenblas

Michael is a Developer Advocate for Go, Kubernetes, and OpenShift at Red Hat as well as a Cloud Native ambassador. He helps appops to build and operate distributed apps. His background is in ...