That Product Team Really Brought That Room Together

Much of the organizational problems come from an unexpected place: The Erie Railroad company in the 1850’s. Since this first org-chart, we have sliced our businesses along functional roles. And since those roles vary from slice-to-slice, each slice is evaluated based on different measurements. This is fine, right up until two slices have a relationship in which their measurements - their incentives - conflict.

In this talk, the audience will learn the source of this conflict, why the typical org-chart is causing more problems than it’s solving, how Product Teams help prevent code from becoming “Legacy”, and ensure that software is created sustainably.

The audience will learn what I consider to be the ideal model for working in a DevOps Culture, and the steps to take to get to the DevOps Promised Land.



Waldo Grunenwald

Waldo is a geek, and if you find him odd, there are plenty of things you could blame that on. He’s a long-time Sys/Ops Engineer, enjoys leading teams, and is active in the DevOps community. He may or ...