Respect and Diversity in the Workplace and Why You Should Hire Autistic People

Everyone wants to be hired and be treated with respect but sadly not everyone does. I want to talk about why you should treat people of color and autistic people like you would any other white male and why you should hire us. I want to help people of color and autistic people contribute to society.

There are millions of people in this country and around the world that aren’t treated with respect in the workplace. They are treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual and gender orientation and/or disability and that is unacceptable. Some of those people don’t actually get a job at all. I want to help change that. People of color, autistic people, people with disabilities and anyone else that is considered “different” deserves the same opportunities as any other white neurotypical able-bodied person. We deserve to have a job so we can afford a living and we deserve to be respected when we do get a job. Life is already hard as it is for us so work shouldn’t make it harder. We deserve not to be harassed and we deserve to get paid as much as a white male. These are the causes I believe in, I want to change the “system” and encourage my peers to strive for a better living.



Kayla Rodriguez

I am Kayla Maria Rodriguez and I am 21 years old. I am of Puerto Rican descent, I am autistic and gay. I am an AADD (All About Developmental Disabilities) Ambassador and I won a Golden Goal Goldie ...