Why I suck - a story of failure

We often tell the story of how we have succeeded to paint the art of the possible. No success comes without a prior failure. In this talk, I open the story of my devOps journey and share my failures in a way to encourage others to learn from adversity.

Perhaps I am alone here, but I have seen plenty of failures in my career. From the time we accidentally loaded the wrong version of Red Hat on a server because the burnt DVD said RHELv4 when it was RHELv5, or the time I put my foot in my mouth in front of a CTO of a major US financial services organization. More learning has come from my failure that has ever come from my success. Adopting the devOps principles of rapid feedback and continuous learning are paramount to me developing as a professional. This talk should inspire the attendees to improve personal EQ so that they are in tune with the learning opportunities around them every day, by living the devOps principles.



Ryan Lockard


Ryan Lockard has over 17 years of experience in software delivery and is currently the VP of Consulting at Contino, a global leader in DevOps & Cloud enablement. He has led multiple development