Working effectively on a strategy for data protection (or how to solve all your GDPR issues in 5 minutes)

In a world where everything is mobile, and where users expect to be able to work and access data from everywhere, protecting data is becoming increasingly difficult. In this ignite I will show you how to use a three step process to make it easier to decide what data is important to protect, and what we are going to do to protect it. This should be done in cooperation with the rest of the business, and if I were going to invent a new word for it (which I would never do, yikes!), I would call it DevSecOpsBizLaw (oops, what did I just do?). It wouldn’t be a DevOpsDays talk if I don’t mention automation, so I’m going to spend at least one slide (which is 15 seconds) on that as well.



Anders Bruvik

Anders is an infrastructure engineer at the nordic cloud provider Safespring. Before that, he spent years in different technical and management positions at a large Norwegian university where he ...