The story of why my senior manager was so relaxed in the face of GDPR, and others not so much …

GDPR: Acronym for the “General Data Protection Regulation” law applicable since last May 25th

Every single one of us received a rain of emails from websites we sometimes didn’t even remember we had ever signed up to, asking us to check our privacy settings or letting us know that there were changes in the privacy policy. Most of us probably developed #GDPRFatigue. It’s ironical how a norm that is intended to protect our privacy originated such a terrible spam wave!

But from the companies’ point of view, becoming compliant till May 25th was a huge challenge. Due to several reasons, for many companies it was a hell of a rush they had to go through. And the company I work for was not the exception.

In this presentation, I will tell an entertaining story on the reasons why, in comparison to other departments, my Senior Manager was relaxed when facing the challenge of GDPR. What is it that we do differently in our little sub-world that allowed us to overcome the challenge, and our lessons learned along the way.



Daiany Palacios

I work at Kuehne + Nagel as a System Analyst for the KN FreightNet project in Hamburg since 2011. Originally from Venezuela, I live in Germany since 2009. I started my career as a software developer ...