Workshop: Hands-on getting started with Terraform.


The bigger your infrastructure grows, the harder it becomes to maintain it via “ClickOps”. Once you have AWS, Heroku and Github and 10+ developers it starts feeling the fatigue of adding new people or managing access rules. Infrastructure as code is a solution. And one of the most convenient tools is Terraform, which you can get familiar with in this session. We will learn the ropes of Terraform and will take a sneak peek into deeper concepts, such as DRY with modules, using a remote state to obtain previously created pieces of infrastructure and some others.

If you want to follow the workshop, please install the Terraform with AWS provider and set up credentials for the AWS CLI.

Useful links, information from which we might be using along the process.



Kirill Zonov

Kirill Zonov works at Babbel as a Senior Backend Engineer. With almost a decade of experience, he was fortunate to work in tech companies of different sizes and in different positions: Working ...