Shifting ownership of code quality to developers

We all live in an ever changing industry, and we are used to expecting and adapting to change. However it proves challenging when our job shifts to become something else. Eight months ago, our engineering team underwent a major development. Those that were previously QA are now developers within their respective teams, and all developers now share responsibility for producing quality code. The team has shifted from having a dedicated QA team to having developers owning the quality of their code, so the entire team is now responsible for developing and testing code. When the job changes, the mindset must also change, and our skills must be developed, for instance I had to learn writing acceptance in an unfamiliar language. In this talk I will describe the journey undertaken by the team and myself, how we changed our mindset, improved the process of producing code and ultimately testing the code quality to speed up software delivery.

  • By the end of this talk, the audience will understand:
  • How the team and I handled the beginning of this change
  • Understand what’s different in a team where everyone is responsible for QA
  • How we have refined the hybrid quality process
  • How to change your mindset and quickly develop new skills
  • Learn guidelines we used to merge development and QA