Transforming DataOps in Digital DevOps journey

CIO’s have started investing heavily on DevOps in pursuing their digital transformation. By 2020, Gartner predicts at least 80% of large enterprises will use DevOps or have a pilot project, up from 38% today. It is high time for DevOps to further scale using DataOps to ensure the Business objective are improved using analytics engine for faster, reliable and repeatable production ready data from various data sources for prediction. DataOps is a very new idea in Digital Data Transformation to ensure Business goals are met using automation, analytics and storage of data while protecting privacy, usage restrictions and data integrity. The paper focused on how Organizations can adopt this concept with robust data governance in place.

Value proposition:

By adopting DataOps, Organization will start realizing the following benefits:

  • Reduce Release cycle times by 30 to 50%
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Data Governance
  • Reduce time to insight
  • Enable Cloud adoption easily and quickly

DataOps focuses on cognitive capabilities to process unstructured data resulting in smother transition from DevOps to NoOps. The paper also highlights how and where it works and how the emerging DataOps is different from the traditional Test Data Management (TDM) solutions. Finally DataOps is not eradicating DevOps but further strengthens DevOps using Agile software development, Data analytics and lean manufacturing principles promoting innovation and transformational analytic outcomes in Digital journey.


Suresh Chandra Bose

With vast consulting experience of close to 20 years, Suresh Chandra Bose have performed 45+ assessments across the globe for various industries on DevOps, TDM, Test Environments, Dev, QA, Ops, ...