Infrastructure in the New World of Containers: What are your options?

Containers are becoming the standard practice to build, manage, and deploy software especially as cloud adoption continues to accelerate. To help with this shift there have been a variety of services and tools created such as Kubernetes, Docker swarm, Nomad, in addition to cloud services such as Amazon’s Elastic Container service (ECS) and Google’s Container Engine (GKE). While these services and tools help with the orchestration and deployment of containers the underlying infrastructure management is often still left up the user and can add significant overhead. This talk will go over the pros and cons of the various options you have to manage this infrastructure as well as go through a few live examples. Hopefully you will leave this talk with a better understanding of the complexities involved with provisioning, scaling, and maintaining infrastructure for large scale container deployments and possible solutions. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Self managed kubernetes on the cloud
  • Amazon’s ECS and Fargate
  • Google’s GKE



Austen Novis

Austen in a software engineer at Capital One’s innovation lab working on various projects related to cloud infrastructure automation. In his free time he enjoys traveling the world, reading, and working on fun and random side projects.