Digital Journey

Nowadays digital transformation (a.k.a. DX) is a core strategy in any organization to enable the business reach a faster go to market, lower the cost, increase the quality, increase resilience and of course increase customer satisfaction. To achieve that new competencies are needed which revolve around agility, innovation, customer-centric, being people oriented and resilience.

DevOps comes in place as a natural step after agile movement to sustain the fast flow created through agile development methodologies. DevOps is centered on 3 principles; flow, feedback and continual experimentation and learning. These 3 principles play an important role in the digital transformation journey.

In this talk, we will share one of our exciting experiences. In general, we help our customers through their DX journey by injecting DevOps principles in every aspect of the development lifecycle up to production.

First, assessment and overcome the constraints, using Lean and Value Stream Mapping to identify the current constraints and work on them to improve the flow between different work centers, keeping in mind the performance of the end to end cycle and not only the performance of individual silos allowing a super-fast time to market.

Second, is amplifying the feedback loops and collaboration between different work centers to achieve maximum people potentials and to stop quality issues from going to later stages ensuring quality in every step done allowing a safe fast time to market.

Third, continuous improvement and building resilience in every aspect by exploring our limitations using the kaizen methodology and following a well-established business continuity plan ensuring a consistent fast time to market.



Mohamed Fawzy

Mohamed is a Team Lead with 8+ years of experience in complex and diverse environments supporting multiple clients.

Mohamed is a DevOps coach who is keen on learning new digital skills, applying best