DevOps for the lone developer

As a software developer working alone or in a small team, how do you best work towards the goal of CI/CD? How do you best live devops culture, and move yourself/team towards that end? You dream of a day when you can merge a PR, and your code automagically ends up in production. Where your system scales itself depending on load, all while you sleep, blissfully unaware. How…? How can you get to such a wonderful and mystical place? How can it be done, when you spend all your time bashing out features and making sure the system is up and running smoothly? If you know, give a shout, that would be great! I might not have all the answers, but I do have a few, and plan to share them with you.



Graeme Glass

Graeme is a software developer who, over the last 15 years, has worked for startups, corporates and as a freelancer/consultant. Over the years, he has learnt a trick or 2 about writing and deploying ...