A dissenting voice in the job scheduling wilderness. A case for Hashicorp Nomad.

Tools exist in their environment. How, why and when you choose your tools has a profound impact on the culture of your organization, the same way that the sword creates the samurai and the horse creates the knight. Kubernetes is amazing. Therefore I will show a Kubernetes alternative, nomad. This is an open-soure tool from the Hashicorp stable that solves the problem of job scheduling for datacenters. I will give a short problem/solution focused presentation on how and why I use nomad for job schedling tasks and the environments within which I use it. Other words which might be used in anger: batch jobs, resource management, networking, scale, kafka, vault, clojure/script, prometheus and graylog.



Pieter Breed

Human animal, male, slightly overweight. First non-fiction book I ever read was Teach yourself C programming in 24 days. This was before I had access to any computer smarter than my casio wristwatch. ...