Wardley Mapping 101

The ultimate goal of any map if to start a conversation, form a strategy, and then successfully execute it. Wardley mapping is a two dimensional form of value chain mapping that plots visibility against the evolution of a given practice. This will be an introductory, hand-on workshop.

Most corporate strategies are based off of over-simplified models (if any) and depend largely on luck. Mapping helps visualize a strategy succinctly so what once took an hour and 25 slides to explain now takes 15 minutes and a map. Mapping improves our ability to determine if our strategies are likely to succeed or not, and how to form alternate plans should our circumstances change. During he first part of this session we’ll determine the fundamental components of our mock business using social practice maps. We’ll then re-center these components on a wardley map while discussing the pros and cons of different strategies and their impact on the underlying value chain.



Chris Corriere

Chris Corriere has been working with data, phones, networks and writing software for over twenty years. His background in mathematics and engineering has allowed him to adapt to new and industry ...