Lessons Learned in DevOps Leadership

New to DevOps leadership or considering it? This talk is a collection of lessons learned from experience managing globally distributed DevOps teams. We discuss everything from hiring to coaching to staying “technical” in the fast changing software development world.

Managing DevOps teams can be both challenging and rewarding. A relatively new field and a fast changing software landscape make leadership challenges here somewhat unique. This talk attempts to answer questions such as:

  • As DevOps leaders how do we inspire our teams and build partnerships outside the organization?
  • How do we prevent burnout despite tight deadlines and noisy on-call schedules?
  • What questions should we ask ourselves before implementing technology or process from companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Facebook?
  • What decisions should you make as a manager and what should you leave to the team?
  • How can you communicate with and manage effectively offshore team members?



Chris Rimondi

Chris Rimondi is the Director of Production Engineering for Platform and SAAS applications at Cofense. Previous to this post he was the Director of Site Reliability Engineering at FireEye. He has ...