DevOps Dos & Don'ts

The first phase of a major BCBST software delivery transformation, the first steps toward enabling true DevSecOps and CI/CD, is on target for completion by the end of 2018. Other teams had attempted this transformation before, but those attempts ultimately failed for various reasons. In early 2016, I was asked to step out of my role as Portal Architect / Portal Team Lead, learn how to “Do the DevOps,” and to “Build a team to pull that project out of the ditch.”

I knew little of DevOps at the time, but with plenty of experience around build and delivery automation I was able to come up to speed quickly and by Q3 of 2016 had built and trained my very own motley crew of interns, former manual QA analysts, a Java developer, and a performance testing engineer that was ready to take on the challenge.

This talk covers the key points of failure from the previous attempt and the changes I made that allowed my amazing team of magnificent misfits to resurrect a dead project and successfully deliver transformation in just 18 months… All with no prior experience, a tiny budget, an overly prescriptive process that we had almost no control over, and an outdated, inherited pipeline that users had already refused to adopt once.



James Dean

James Dean started his tech career in 1991 when he joined the U.S. Army has a “Tech-Control” specialist during the Gulf War. Since then, he’s worked as a 3D artist, computer graphic artist, web ...