What Every Startup Needs to Know about Data, Cloud, and SaaS Applications

Every company makes technology choices (platforms, software, etc.) within the first few years of business. The question is - does every startup leader understand the major lasting impact these decisions will have on their company?

This session will help leaders of startups and established companies make smart technology decisions that will position them to tap into the potential goldmine that lives within customer and business data. This data will drive product offerings, customer service, business processes, and more.

Groundbreaking data analytics technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will soon be available and affordable even for small companies. Startups will be able to analyze customer data and make quick decisions on how to react. Mature companies will be able to mine years or decades of customer data to quickly highlight trends and make forecasts. But, all of this hinges on the fundamental technologies that capture and store data.



Josh Davis

I have personally worked for 3 different IT services company and 1 software company, and have seen firsthand when companies want to make use of customer and business data, but can’t because of their ...